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Are Illuminated Signs better than Non-Illuminated Signs?

We have been asked the same question: is the result of the Illuminated Signs better than Non-Illuminated Signs? In fact, using different types of signs varies with the environment.

It is not suitable to use Illuminated Signs if there are no pre-laid wires in the wall for installation of the signs. Due to the exposed wires, they will cause a distracting effect and could cause a safety hazard.

It isn’t wise to install Illuminated Signs if there are previously existing strong lights on the wall. As it is not energy-efficient and the most important thing is it will affect the final results due to lighting effects disorder.

Also, if the shops surrounding yours have been installed Illuminated Signs, then you may need to install one just to catch up. Of course, the installation location and light colors should be appropriate to meet safety standards, but also to show reasonable light effects. People are always easy to be attracted by bright lights, if all the shops around yours have been installed Illuminated Signs aside from yours or the installation location and colors are unreasonably designed, your shop would be dark which will have a negative effect on the customers’ attention.

If you have questions about the choice of signs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you further suggestions for your reference, and will also provide you with information on a variety of good quality and inexpensive Illuminated Signs and Non-Illuminated Signs.