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How To Use LED Products To Expand Business Opportunities In FIFA 2010

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, there will be a lot of fans going to bars for watching soccer games live broadcasting. How would you make your bar more appealing to these fans? This article will tell you how to use LED SignsLED Light Boxes and LED Light Frames to help you attract more customers to visit your shop, therefore you can earn more money during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The biggest advantage of LED lights compared to the traditional lights is energy-saving. At the same illumination condition, LED lights will need less electricity and are also more environmental friendly. The importantly it saves you a lot of expenses. Further more, these products are very safe as they are powered with 12V DC which will not cause any harm to human body.

First of all you need to install a sign that can be eye-catching day and night for your shop; Illuminated Signs is undoubtedly the best choice. I’d like to recommend you use Epoxy Resin Signs or Metal backlit signs. Because all of the LEDs in Epoxy Resin Signs are cast inside the resin which will prevent damages to the lights in the outdoor environment. Also, because the lights diffuse reflection in the resin that exudes, the lights will be very soft and natural, and especially impressive at night. Metal backlit signs, in particular the Stainless Steel backlit signs compared to Epoxy Resin Signs, will have even more luxurious qualities during the day; and at night, with LED backlit support, the overall effect is very ideal although the brightness would be slightly weaker. Anyways, your Illuminated Signs can be noticed from a distance during the day and especially at night.

You can then install a LED message sign on the door frame of your shop, which broadcasts the latest soccer game results or your shop profile. These text messages can be set through the program which is very easy to change whenever needed. In the evening, it would be especially attractive for attention. So the fans that do not have tickets can get real-time game results from your shop and will make a good impression of your shop. Of course, you also need to place a LED Writing Board at the door, on which you can write  text or pictures to introduce today’s special offers or welcome message using a dedicated highlighter, the information will then be showed with significant lighting results when power on.  You also can set this information to show a flickering effect using the built-in controller.

You can also place LED Animated Light Boxes at showcases, counters, walls and other locations. To be more attractive, the light box can be lighted by a block-by-block by process control to achieve a dynamic effect. Animated Light Boxes can even show the effect of flowing animation that particularly suitable for bar. You can show beer pouring out from a bottle in the light box to increase visual effects which has very good advertising results.

You can also install Ads in the washroom, there are two type of light boxes that can achieve that effect, one that has a static picture and another one is pictures in turn. They are both made of high-tech materials that it is an advertisement box with the power on and is an ordinary mirror without power. You can install LED magic Mirror Light Box equipped with the human body sensors on the wall of the hand-washing table,  it will be a mirror to facilitate the guests when the people close to it and it will show ads when the guests move away a little bit. It is a user’s favorite because it has such extraordinary advertising capabilities.

Of course, it is very important to heighten the atmosphere of the World Cup; you can also set some LED tapes inside your shop so that the light belts will light up with flashes (remote controlled). It is necessary to have this atmosphere whether it is an open-air bar or indoor bar.

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There is only six months till the 2010 FIFA World Cup, act now to set up your shop with LED products.