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LED Signs Vs NEON Signs

A successful business is only as successful as their advertising Advertising is the key in bringing in your consumers

A successful business is only as successful as their advertising. Advertising is the key in bringing in your consumers. Also, advertising isn”t the same as it use to be. In the 21st century, technology is found everywhere including advertising. Everywhere you drive, you can see how much of a difference technology has even made for business signs. Two popular choices for signs today would be neon and LED. Bright lights and colors are guaranteed to capture a consumer”s attention. When deciding what to choose, you have to keep affordability, practicality and our environment in mind. Do you know which signs is right for you?

With today”s economy, businesses have to choose cost effective advertising for their company. What is more important is how much each sign will cost for you and your company in the future. When you first look at the prices of neon signs versus LED signs, LED signs aren”t significantly cheaper than neon signs. If you look into the future and what would cost more for your company, there are plenty of reasons to believe LED signs may be the cheaper choice. Neon signs require more maintenance than LED signs. From simple cleaning to replacement of gas over a decade or two, neon signs can be expensive to take care of. LED signs do not have to be replaced until after 100,000 hrs of use.

If your company decides to use neon signs, you may be creating a hazardous environment for you and our world. LED is what our environment needs. Not only are LED lights made for signs, but have been the popular choice by families “going green” to use around the house. LED signs use only 10 watts of electricity, when neon signs can use up to ten times more power. Meaning with LED your power bills will be lower. Besides using more electricity, neon signs are also hazardous towards our environment because there is a chance they may leak the toxic gasses (i.e. argon and mercury) used to create the neon light affect. Do you want your employees to be poisoned by such toxins?

Best of all, LED signs are practical versus neon. Instead of replacing a sign, you can simply update your message. For an added visual affect you can even add animation. Your LED sign can change as often as you do. With this practicality, LED signs pay for themselves time and time again compared to a single neon sign. Neon signs also can take up 3-5 times the space than an LED sign does. Choosing a neon signs practically makes no sense. Forget about neon, LED signs are obviously the best choice for advertising. LED is affordable because of it”s low maintenance and your low power bills. Our environment would want you to pick LED to avoid toxic leaks. Never worry about buying another sign again. LED is what you need, what you can afford and what our environment wants. What more do you need to know?

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