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Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we urge you to understand the terms and conditions concerning the protection of your privacy offered by LedSignsNet.Com. This privacy statement explains how LedSignsNet.Com will deal with your personal information.

Users’ Information


When you register as our member, LedSignsNet.Com will request you to provide necessary information about yourself, including name, gender, job, title, information of your company, telephone number, e-mail address, residence address and other related information. Please provide us with complete information so that we can provide better services for you.

Username and Password

During registration, you will be required to supply your own username and password to create a membership account. Through this account, you can fully use the services provided by LedSignsNet.Com for its members.

Safekeeping of Personal Information

Please keep safe your personal information, username and password. Please do not disclose the above information to others. Please remember to log out after use. If you are sharing a personal computer with others or using personal computer to be used by the public, please remember to close your browser to prevent others from obtaining the above information or getting access to your account.

Gathering and Usage of User’s information


LedSignsNet.Com gathers information through the process of registration, through promotional events, or by using analytical software which analyzes the information of all users.


After Registration, I’d like to receive LedSignsNet.Com news.

In order to provide better services, LedSignsNet.Com may conduct inner researches on the number, preferences and behaviors of users, based on the information gathered in accordance with 2.1. The inner researches conducted by LedSignsNet.Com are to arrange and analyze the information of all users. LedSignsNet.Com will never analyze the information of any individual user, nor will it disclose the same to any third party.


If any one of the following occurs, for purposes of maintenance, management, improvement or otherwise, LedSignsNet.Com may disclose user’s information to third party, so that LedSignsNet.Com can determine user’s identity, contact user directly, or proceed necessary legal actions:

  • the purpose and manner of disclosure is explicitly agreed by the user in advance;
  • the user will possibly cause damage to LedSignsNet.Com, any other user or any third party, either negligently or intentionally;
  • the disclosure is required by law; or LedSignsNet.Com reasonably believes that disclosure is permitted by law.

Limited Liability

On receipt of your information, LedSignsNet.Com will make its best effort to keep it safely stored in its system. Since Internet is open to everyone, even if LedSignsNet.Com has done its best to protect the information, there is no guarantee that the information sent by or to you is absolutely safe.

It is important to note that some web sites have created hyperlinks to LedSignsNet.Com or may have posted some advertisements on LedSignsNet.Com who may gather your information without following our privacy policy. Whenever you click their ads or take part in their joint events with LedSignsNet.Com, if you have questions about how these web sites will use your information, please contact them directly. Since LedSignsNet.Com never controls the practices of the advertisers, nor does LedSignsNet.Com relate itself to their privacy policy or make them follow LedSignsNet.Com’s privacy policy, LedSignsNet.Com shall not be liable for their practices of information gathering.


LedSignsNet.Com reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. The amended statement will be posted in the same place of LedSignsNet.Com. No individual notification will be made to members.

If you have any question regarding this statement, please contact [email protected] directly so that we may take care of it directly.

In case there are versions of this privacy statement in different languages, the English version shall govern.